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About Us

Welcome to Buckaroo Fringe!

We are Michael and Tracy & when we started this business we were located in the heart of Central Montana on a remote Angus Cattle ranch where Michael managed the ranch and could be found preaching several Sunday's a month in a neighboring town. After experiencing a horrific trauma in the small Montana town we lived in, we moved to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico in the summer of 22.

We began our entrepreneurial journey by creating MT Wild Rags in 2016. We built that company into an amazing business based off the creation of a superior product and founding values that we still believe strongly in. I could write a book on the things I've been able to experience and the people I've met through MT Wild Rags which has been nothing short of amazing. I am beyond grateful to the good Lord above and so incredibly proud of the business we built. When an opportunity arose for us to make an exit from MT Wild Rags and after much prayerful consideration, we took it.

I haven’t lost sight of what an honor it is to have people spend their hard earned money on something I made so that has pushed me to produce the absolute highest quality product possible.  I will continue to carry that driving principal with me into my new venture along with my passion for personal relationships with you, our amazing customers! It is exciting to be back at the beginning and to be actually sewing Wild Rags and making our products again! I have no doubt that this journey will be just as remarkable as our last. I've always pushed the box when creating products as evidenced in being the first Wild Rag Company to offer completely custom Wild Rags and Specialty Wild Rags with dogs, cows and horses on them ... so I'm very excited to be bringing my next idea to life! The WildRagBox which is a bimonthly subscription service that will feature custom Wild Rags and speciality slides! Thank you for your continued support of our new venture, we appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Michael & Tracy